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01/12/2021 16:16:00

Name: Binh Thi Ngo

Occupation: Foreign Accounts Manager at UPS Vietnam

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Seriously speaking, it is my advice for those who would like to apply for an overseas course, or anyone who wants to get an overall IELTS band score of over 7.0 that you should not hesitate to join GM EDU’s classes simply because I was a witness to say, “GM EDU is the right school that you can rely on for your high target score”. In fact, I had been one of the worst students in a GM EDU’s IELTS class at the beginning, but I then became a decent one at the end of the course.

You will hardly have chances to get very useful and intensive knowledge of Academic English as well as good tips to do IELTS tests effectively UNLESS you join this class.

With unique training methods and extra tutorials free of charge, teachers at GM EDU will help you know exactly what your English level is, and guide you through as well as level you up in very short time. However, you need to be hard working as GM EDU will give you loads of homework. Honestly, I myself felt a bit stressed at first since my teacher, Mr. Manh Tran, really cared for his students after class. At last, I found it an honor to be his student. You know what, I gained my target IELTS Band Score of 6.5 within three months.

By the way, you should bear in mind that being on time is a big advantage because every precious minute with the class is years to learn English by yourself.

Thanks to the harsh training course and my good teacher – Mr. Manh Tran, I got IELTS band 6.5 to apply for my master course in UK within only 3 months. Currently, I have worked as a Foreign Accounts Manager of a global US company. I am not reluctant to admit that not only am I one of the best English speakers in the company, but I am also supposed to be the most confident negotiator when I’m with foreign customers.

I highly appreciate the course at GM EDU, particularly my course with Mr. Manh Tran.

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