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Computer games

05/12/2021 10:11:09

Computer games and the Internet have a negative impact on young people.

Discuss the issue in 250 words.


While it is widely considered that computer games and the Internet have adverse effects on the young, I am, personally, of the view that games and the Internet bring considerable advantages to them. This essay will grant us a chance to discuss this matter thoroughly.

The critics of computer games and the Internet often put forth an argument that those developments may influence young people negatively in terms of health. They believe that it takes the young so much time to play computer games or surf the Internet that they barely have time for other important physical activities. As a result, they may suffer from sore eyes, or even worse sedentary illnesses like diabetes or obesity.

They seem to make a point in their argument. However, it is undeniable that the world has positively changed since the advent of the Internet or computer games. This means that they are truly beneficial, especially to the young. One typical example is that, through playing games, young Internet users can learn languages like English as they must read and follow the instruction or game guidance in English. Moreover, when surfing the Internet, they can get access to an enormous source of useful information, which undoubtedly helps to improve their academic studies as well.

Another convincing argument for computer games and the use of the Internet is that they enable young people to rewind their mind. From a medical perspective, a healthy body cannot be built from an exhausting mind. In other words,  young people can release stress from their heavy load of studies thanks to playing their favorite games, surfing their social network’s pages or watching online videos. As a result, they will be in good mood for a healthy body and other important tasks.

In conclusion, on the contrary to what is claimed, computer games and the Internet is indubitably advantageous to the youth when it is used for the right purposes, particularly in their study.

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