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Everybody would like to be rich

05/12/2021 12:59:36

Everybody would like to be rich and famous. Discuss this in 250 words.


A sample by Tường Vy - a student at GM EDU

Some people are of the opinion that being rich and famous is probably everyone’s dream. However, others hold the view that being wealthy and well-known is not something so desirable. In my opinion, I agree with the latter’s view. This essay will grant us a chance to discuss this issue in detail.

Those who consider being wealthy and famous as a dream usually argue that fame and good fortune are likely to bring them the feelings of satisfaction on grounds that they might get almost everything that they desire thanks to their fame and wealth. They seem to make a point in their argument. Nonetheless, happiness is one of the most important goals of a person’s life that cannot be achieved by money or fame. Although a wealthy person may buy as many material facilities as he likes, it is impossible for him to purchase true love or happiness. The principle reason is that a sense of true happiness can only be attained from heart to heart, not from the pocket.

Furthermore, it is hard to deny the fact that a good fortune and fame also bring about certain drawbacks.  As a matter of fact, those who have a huge amount of money often put much more effort into preventing their properties from being stolen, which will result in their worries, and even worse depression. Therefore, they will undoubtedly suffer from their huge money rather than enjoy it.

Another convincing argument for the latter’s point of view is that being well-known is far from being happy, but extremely annoyed.  It is obvious that celebrities can hardly enjoy their life as other normal people because of the interference from paparazzi whose job is to look into famous people’s lives, or the threat from robbers. In fact, famous people must always get themselves covered with protection from security guards. As a result, they will have no privacy at all.

To conclude, being an affluent and famous person is great; however, it bears a lot of drawbacks. Thus, living a normal but happy life should be a better choice.

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