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Influential Person

02/12/2021 19:29:24


A sample by Hương Trầm - a student at GM EDU

I feel it hard to deny the fact that I am really stubborn. It seems to be impossible for anyone to ask me to do whatever I do not like. Nonetheless, I have changed my mind since I met my English teacher, who becomes my husband now. We have been married for just more than two years. To some extent, this period of time is fairly long enough for me to recognize that he is the most influential person in my life.

Firstly, I do admire him for his profound knowledge. As a matter of fact, not only is he good at his major in English, but he also has intensive social skills which  are obviously useful for our marriage life. It is the reason why he takes a role of a bread winner and makes almost all the decisions of important matters in our family as well as our business. Secondly, it is a plain truth that my spouse is much more mature than I am. Therefore, he is always willing and eager to share with me a lot of experiences of various life aspects. To be more specific, he not only is capable of giving me helpful ears, knowing how to analyze all problematic situations, helping me to understand the true essence of all things, then giving me valuable advice to tackle all problems, but also encourages me to keep moving ahead with a stronger heart and a perspicacious mind. On top of these, I have learnt how to improve myself to be more mature, confident and knowledgeable so as to live a truly joyful life, of course, with him. Last but not least, I honestly find it happy and safe to be with him thanks to his everlasting faithful love and protection.  He is sort of a romantic person who is always sensible enough to read my mind, and then give me a hand precisely in time. Hardly can I put into words what he has done so far to blossom our love. From the bottom of my heart, I am lucky in that I have found him - my ideal man of life.

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