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IELTS Reading: Difficult gap - fill

23/07/2024 17:10:33

IELTS Reading: difficult gap-fill

Try the following exercise from Cambridge IELTS book 10 (test 2, passage 2). My students found the two questions quite difficult.

Part of the passage about 'gifted children':

A very close positive relationship was found when children’s IQ scores were compared with their home educational provision (Freeman, 2010). The higher the children’s IQ scores, especially over IQ 130, the better the quality of their educational backup, measured in terms of reported verbal interactions with parents, number of books and activities in their home etc.

To be at their most effective in their self-regulation, all children can be helped to identify their own ways of learning - metacognition - which will include strategies of planning, monitoring, evaluation, and choice of what to learn. Emotional awareness is also part of metacognition, so children should be helped to be aware of their feelings around the area to be learned, feelings of curiosity or confidence, for example.

Fill the gaps below with no more than TWO words from the passage.

  1. One study found a strong connection between children’s IQ and the availability of ………. and ………. at home.
  2. Metacognition involves children understanding their own learning strategies, as well as developing ………. .

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