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Causes and Effects

23/07/2024 18:21:40



1. Too Adj/ Adv               Quá …đến nỗi mà…không thể

                             Subject + Verb  + too Adj/ Adv + to V-infinitive

  • Tom is too weak to move the cupboard.
  • Susan spoke too fast (for us) to understand.


2. So/ such…that…         Quá …đến nỗi mà…

                            Subject + Verb  + so adj/ adv that  Subject + (Modal) + Verb

                            Subject + Verb  + such (a/an) adj noun that Subject + (Modal) + Verb

                                                          lưu ý: (bỏ “a/an khi đi trước “uncount/plural noun”)

  • Tom is so weak that he can’t lift the cupboard.
  • Tom is such a weak boy that he can’t lift the cupboard.


   Với “many/ much      

… so many N (plural) that…  
  =>    … such a lot of noun that…
… so much N (uncountable) that…  
  • There was so much traffic in the street that we were held up for half an hour.
  • There was such a lot of traffic in the street that we were held up for half an hour.


3. Enough:  …đủ …để…

Subject + Verb + adj/adv + enough + to V-infinitive
  + enough + noun  


  • Tom is not strong enough to lift the cupboard.
  • We didn’t have enough money to buy that house.


PRACTICE: Complete the following sentences, using clauses or phrases of causes & effects.

  1. My grandpa/ so weak/ he/ play/ sports/ any longer.
  2. Nam/ too/ fast/ get rid/ old man/ cross/ the street.
  3. Maria/ not/ work/ hard/ enough/ pass/ exams/ last week.
  4. Joe/ such/ arrogant/ that/ nobody/ like/ him.
  5. Local children/ poor/ that/ never/ see/ a toy car.
  6. Henry/ not smart/ enough/ solve/ math exercise.
  7. Naomi/ not dance/ beautifully/ win/ examiners’ heart.
  8. Susan Boyle/ sing/ so beautifully/ win/ heart/ millions/ audience.
  9. George/ speak/ Japanese/ fluently/ that/ surprise/ all/ us.
  10. Maria and David/ such/ excellent/ students/ they/ win/ most/ gold medals.
  11. Rosa/ work/ too/ hard/ drag/ legs/ home.
  12. Warehouse/ too small/ store/ all/ old furniture.

(Xem đáp án bên dưới - Scroll down to see answer key)










Answer key

  1. My grandpa is so weak that he cannot play sports any longer.
  2. Nam was driving too fast to get rid of an old man crossing the street.
  3. Maria did not work hard/ enough to pass the exams last week.
  4. Joe is such an arrogant man that nobody likes him.
  5. Those local children are so poor that they have never seen a toy car.
  6. Henry is not smart enough to solve this math exercise.
  7. Naomi did not dance beautifully enough to win the examiners’ heart.
  8. Susan Boyle sings so beautifully that she win the heart of millions of audience.
  9. George spoke Japanese so fluently that he surprised all of us.
  10. Maria and David are such excellent/ students that they have won most of the gold medals.
  11. Rosa worked too hard to drag her legs home last night.
  12. The warehouse is too small to store all the old furniture.


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