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07 Nhóm từ chỉ Mục tiêu/ Mục đích

20/06/2024 09:16:46


aim to do something

= To try to achieve something: nhằm, nhắm đến mục tiêu



  • The research aims to answer two questions.
  • This paper aims to show how science and technology have influenced the work of artists.





set out to do something

= To try to achieve something: nhằm, nhắm đến mục tiêu (set out to do something  được dùng đặc biệt để chỉ mục đích ban đầu của một kế hoạch)



  • The organization never achieved what it set out to do.
  • The first chapter sets out to explain the origins of modern science.





in order to/

so as to/ to


= so that someone can do something or so that something can happen: để


Chú ý: sau “in order to/ so as to/ to” là một động từ nguyên mẫu. Khi muốn nói phủ định “để không”, “not” được thêm vào trước “to”.

  • Tests were carried out in order to find out if the drug had any side effects.
  • John is trying to study hard so as not to be left behind.





so that/ in order that

= để mà. (so that/ in order that được dùng để mở đầu một mệnh đề phụ chỉ mục đích)



  • John is trying to study hard so that he will not be left behind.
  • Tuấn repainted his house in order that he could sell it at a better price.





be intended to do something

= if something is intended to do something, it is done for that purpose.



  • The course is intended to provide a basic introduction to molecular biology.





be supposed to do something / be meant to do something

= nhắm đến một hiệu ứng hay kết quả nào đó đặc biệt. Các cụm này thường được dùng khi KHÔNG THỰC HIỆN ĐƯỢC mục đích ban đầu.



  • The film is supposed to be a serious drama.
  • The scheme was meant to improve the city's image.





Words meaning aim or purpose (Một số danh từ chỉ mục đích, mục tiêu)

  • Aim (C): mục đích muốn đạt được
  • Purpose (C): mục đích của một hành động/ việc làm cụ thể
  • Objective (C): mục tiêu (kinh doanh, chính trị, diễn đàn)
  • Goal (C): cứu cánh, mục tiêu dài hạn (tương lai)
  • Target (C):  mục tiêu ngắn hạn
  • Intention (C & U): ý định, dự định
  • Mission (C): nhiệm vụ, mục tiêu quan trọng.

Note: (C): countable noun (U): uncountable noun



  • The bank achieved its aim of attracting 50,000 customers by the end of the year.
  • A cure for cancer is our ultimate aim.
  • He did not tell them about the purpose of his visit.
  • The policy has three main objectives: firstly, to increase food production; secondly, to improve the distribution of food; and finally, to improve the diet of ordinary people.
  • The principal objective of any company is to make money for its shareholders.
  • The company's long-term goal is to be the market leader in this type of technology.
  • The University is expected to reach its target of 5000 students next September.(=achieve its target)
  • It was never their intention to encourage people to break the law.
  • Our mission is to educate people about the disease.

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