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15 Phrasal Verbs with CALL

12/04/2024 06:36:26

Bài viết 15 cụm động từ đi với "Call" trong tiếng Anh sẽ giúp cho các bạn luyện thi IELTS có thêm cho mình những kiến thức nền tảng tiếng Anh vững chắc. Ngoài ra, việc sử dụng những cụm động từ này trong bài thi IELTS Speaking sẽ giúp các bạn tạo ấn tượng tốt và tiến gần hơn mục tiêu IELTS band 8.0 hoặc 9.0. 

1. Call after

  • To give a child the same name as someone else, especially a family member

Example: We have called him Benjamin after his father.


2. Call around / Call round

  • To go to someone’s house to visit them

Example: I called around yesterday but you weren’t there.


3. Call away

  • To ask someone to go somewhere else

Example: I am afraid the doctor was called away on an emergency earlier today, but he should be back soon.


4. Call back

  • To return a phone call or to phone someone again

Example: He’s on another call at the moment, but I will get him to call you back.

  • To return to a place

Example: She said I could call back later today to collect the laundry.

  • To be asked to return for a second interview or a second audition

Example: They are only going to call back 4 people out of the 80 people who went for the first interview.


5. Call for

  • Publicly demand that something be done

Example: The protesters were calling for the resignation of the president.

  • To require or make necessary

Example: John got the job! This news calls for a celebration!

  • To go somewhere to pick someone or something up

Example: I will call for you around seven – try to be ready on time!


6. Call forth

  • To elicit a reaction

Example: Bernard insulted his wife’s mother, which called forth an angry response from her.


7. Call in

  • To phone

Example: The radio station’s listeners have been calling in all morning with answers to the quiz.

  • To visit someone

Example: Can you call in on your grandmother on your way home and make sure she is alright?

  • To ask a person, especially an expert, to come to do something

Example: We had to call in fumigators to deal with the mice and cockroaches.

  • To ask someone to enter a room

Example: My boss called me in to his office yesterday morning to give me a warning because I came to work late three times this week.


8. Call off

  • To cancel an organised event

Example: Sandra called off the wedding at the very last minute!

  • To stop doing an activity

Example: We had to call off the search when it became too dark to continue.


9. Call on

  • To visit someone

Example: I am going to call on my mother on the way home from work.

  • To demand or request that someone do something

Example:The supporters of the opposition called on the government to call a new election.

  • To use a quality, usually something that requires a great effort, in order to achieve something

Example: I had to call on all my strength to finish the marathon.

  • Have recourse to

Example: We may need to call on experts in the field for their opinion on the matter.

  • To ask for an answer or response

Example: The teacher always calls on me for the answer – it’s not fair!


10. Call up

  • To phone somebody

Example: I will call up everyone we’d invited and tell them that we have called off the party.

  • Select someone to play on a team

Example: He was called up to play for Spain in the World Cup.

  • To summon for military service, especially during a war

Example: When the war broke out, he was terrified that he would be called up.

  • To make you remember or recall something

Example: Seeing her again called up all those old memories.

  • To make information in a computer appear on screen

Example: This icon will call up the menu.


11. Call out

  • Order or request help from someone

Example: They called out the fire services when they saw the flames.


12. Call round

  • To visit someone

Example: Thank you for calling round, I really appreciate it.


13. Call at

  • Stop at a harbour, port or station

Example: This train will be calling at every station on the way to London.


14. Call by

  • To visit somewhere briefly whilst on your way to somewhere else.

Example: I thought it my might be nice to call by Aunt Betty’s house on our way to Bristol.


15. Call down

  • To find fault with; reprimand

Example: My professor is a perfectionist and always calls me down for such minor errors!

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