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33 Từ Vựng Hay Chủ Đề SPORTS

27/03/2024 15:34:03


  1. an athletics meeting: hội thao
  2. an athletics track: đường chạy (quanh sân bóng)
  3. an away game: trận đấu trên sân khách
  4. a brisk walk: môn đi bộ nhanh
  5. to do judo/ t’ai chi/ taekwondo/ meditation: (not go or play) tập các môn võ:…
  6. a football fan: nguời hâm mộ bóng đá
  7. a fitness programme: chương trình tập luyện
  8. a football match: một trận đấu bóng đá
  9. a football pitch/ field: sân bóng
  10. a football season: mùa giải
  11. to get into shape: trở nên rắn chắc
  12. to go jogging: chạy bộ
  13. a home game:  một trận đấu trên sân nhà
  14. to keep fit/ in shape: giữ dáng
  15. to be out of condition: không rắn chắc
  16. a personal best: thành tích cá nhân tốt nhất (to achieve a personal best)
  17. a personal trainer: huấn luyện viên cá nhân (riêng)
  18. to play tennis/football: (not do or go): chơi tennis/ bóng đá
  19. to run the marathon: chạy marathon (42.195 Kilometers)
  20. a season ticket: vé xem cả mùa giải.
  21. to set a record: lập kỷ lục / to break a record: phá kỷ lục
  22. a sports center: trung tâm thể thao
  23. sports facilities: thiết bị thể thao
  24. a squash/tennis/badminton court: sân bóng quần/ tennis/ cầu lông
  25. strenuous exercise: bài tập nặng
  26. a strong swimmer: vận động viên bơi giỏi
  27. a swimming pool: hồ bơi
  28. to take up exercise/ tennis: bắt đầu tập thể dục/ tennis
  29. to train hard: nỗ lực tập luyện
  30. to improve one’s flexibility: cải thiện sự dẻo dai
  31. to build up/ maintain a relation: xây dựng/ duy trì một quan hệ
  32. to refresh one’s mind: giúp thư giãn
  33. to tie up a relation: thắt chặt quan hệ

Common phrases to master:

  • Frankly speaking,/ Honestly speaking,/ To be honest,/ To be frank, : thật tình mà nói…
  • In my opinion,/ As far as I am concerned,/ From my point of view: theo tôi thì…
  • I guess I would prefer to…: tôi nghỉ tôi thích…hơn
  • To the best of my knowledge/ experience/ memory: theo kiến thức/ kinh nghiệm/ trí nhớ của tôi thì…
  • From an/ a (medical/ educational/ social…) perspective: Theo quan điểm (y tế, giáo dục, xã hội…) thì…
  • For example/ For instance/ To illustrate: ví dụ như…
  • When it comes to the benefits/ drawbacks of sports, : khi bàn về (lợi ích/ sự bất lợi) của thể thao, thì…



Part 1-style questions

Examiner: Do you do any sports?
Loiuse: Not really … no … I always say I’m going to take up exercise and try to get into shape but I never seem to get started … I sometimes wonder whether  I should get a personal trainer … someone who will sort out a fitness programme for me and make me train hard ….

Examiner: How do you spend a typical weekend?
Stella: I’m a big football fan and weekends always center around a football match … I support FC Utrecht and have a season ticket so I go to most of the home games and quite a few of the away games too  … I’m really looking forward to the new football season starting soon …

Examiner: Have you got any hobbies or interests?

Theo: Yes … I’m really keen on sports … I do judo once a week and play tennis in the summer … I think it’s really important to keep fit … it makes you feel good and energized for work and your studies ….

Part 2-style task

Describe a place you like going to in your leisure time. You should say:

  • what this place is
  • when you go there
  • what you do there

and say why you enjoy it there so much.

Maurice:  I’d like to talk about my local sports center … it’s a place I spend a lot of time in  … it’s a new building with all the latest sports facilities … I probably go there at least twice a week … sometimes more often … it’s a huge place … there’s an outdoor athletics track and some football pitches … I play football so I’m often out there … there are several indoor squash and tennis courts that I use occasionally … a big swimming pool … although I don’t use that very often … I’m not a very strong swimmer … there’s a gym … lots of things really … why do I enjoy going there … it’s just a really fun place to be … there’s a good social side to it all … you can enter competitions … meet up with other people who want to do the same sports … and because there are so many activities on offer it gets you interested in different things … for example I was listening to some people talking about training to run the marathon and I’ve decided I might even think about that … I go jogging a couple of times a week so it would give me something to aim for … so yes … the sports center … that’s the place I really like to visit …

Part 3-style questions

Examiner: Should people be encouraged more to take up sport?
Alejandro: I think young people should be given the chance to discover which sport they might like … watching sport is sometimes a good way to get people started … not on TV but actually getting out … take athletics for example … they could go to an athletics meeting … there are so many different sports on show one might interest them …

Examiner: Why do some people enjoy participating in sport more than others?
Florrie: That’s a good question … I suppose some people are more concerned about their health … they can’t stand the thought of being out of condition … other people might be driven to excel … they want to set records or get personal bests …

Examiner: Which sports do you think are best for people who aren’t used to physical activity?
Julie: Well … I think people like this should avoid strenuous exercise so things like circuit training are definitely out of the question … maybe just doing a brisk walk every day … or swimming is always a good way to get started …

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