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Causative forms: Thể nhờ

21/06/2024 22:22:07




                        Active:                         Subject + (HAVE) + “doer” + V. bare + Object.

                        Passive:                      Subject + (HAVE) + Object + V3/ed

  • John had a plumber fix the water pipe yesterday.
  • John had the water pipe fixed yesterday.



                       Active:                          Subject + (GET) + “doer” + to V- infinitive + Object

                       Passive:                       Subject + (GET) + Object + V3/ed.

  • John got a plumber to fix the water pipe yesterday.
  • John got the water pipe fixed yesterday.



                        Active:                         Subject + (want/ would like) + “doer” + to V- infinitive + Object.

                        Passive:                      Subject + (want/ would like) + Object + V3/ed.


  • John wanted us to type the report by 4 P.M.
  • John wanted the report typed by 4 P.M.


Exercise: Complete the following sentences, using Causative Forms.

  1. Mark/ have/ house/ demolish/ day/ yesterday
  2. George/ usually/ get/ aunt/ keep an eye/ house
  3. My parents/ have/ taxi driver/ drive/ Stonehenge/ last Saturday.
  4. Why don’t you/ get/ car/ service?
  5. We/ get/ living room/ redecorate/ next Monday.
  6. I/ have/ case/ investigate/ right away.
  7. We/ have/ maid/ take care/ son/ since/ he/ born
  8. Where/ you/ have/ skirt/ make?
  9. Henry/get/ secretary/ type/ report/ before/ he/ leave/ yesterday.
  10. You/have/ children/ take/ school/ yet?
  11. How often/ parents/ get/ lawn/ mow?
  12. I/ get/ Christmas tree/ decorate/ by the time/ you/ come home/ tomorrow night.
  13. John, together / friends,/ hardly/ get/ room/ clean/ as/ they/ clean/ themselves
  14. My brother-in-law/promise/ have/ bike/ repair
  15. I’d like/ car/repaint/ end/ this/ month.
  16. You/ have/ mechanic/ repair/ car/ yet?
  17. They/ want/ study/ paint/ royal blue.
  18. We/ get/ a babysitter/ take/ care/ little daughter.
  19. Joe/ with/ old friend/ usually have/ taxi driver/ take/ school.
  20. Maria/ (‘d) like/ report/ type/ three languages.


(tham khảo đáp án bên dưới - scroll down to see answer keys)









Answer key

  1. Mark had his house demolished the day before yesterday.
  2. George usually gets his aunt to keep an eye on his house.
  3. My parents had a taxi driver drive them to Stonehenge last Saturday.
  4. Why don’t you get your car serviced?
  5. We are getting/ are going to get our living room redecorated next Monday.
  6. I will have this case investigated right away.
  7. We have had a maid take care of our son since he was born.
  8. Where did you have this skirt made?
  9. Henry had gotten his secretary to type the report before he left the office yesterday.
  10. Have you had our children taken to school yet?
  11. How often do your parents get the lawn mown?
  12. I will have gotten the Christmas tree decorated by the time you come home tomorrow night.
  13. John, together his friends, hardly gets their room cleaned as they can clean it by themselves.
  14. My brother-in-law has promised to have my bike repaired.
  15. I’d like my car repainted by the end of this month.
  16. Have you had a mechanic repair our car yet?
  17. They want the study painted royal blue.
  18. We will probably get a babysitter to take care of our little daughter.
  19. Joe with his old friend usually has a taxi driver take them to school.
  20. Maria would like the report typed in three languages.


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