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Đề Thi IELTS Writing: Students' Stress

22/06/2024 01:42:15

In Vietnam, students are currently under more pressure than those in the past.

What are the causes and solutions of this problem?


Sample by Hoàng Tuấn - Học viên lớp IELTS 2-4-6 

Recently, the fact that an increasing number of students in Vietnam are under more pressure has been an alarming issue. Thus, the causes behind the situation and feasible solutions to the problem are now a major social concern. This essay will grant us a chance to discuss the issue in detail.

It is widely believed that the principle reason which makes Vietnamese students more stressed is the over-expectation from parents. In fact, most Vietnamese parents who used to live in poor conditions normally expect their children to achieve higher social status than they did. Therefore, they force children to focus harder on their study, irrespective of the children’s needs for relaxation or other outdoor activities. Additionally, the competition amongst schools for the top positions in the league table is another cause. In detail, some schools intentionally require students to get highly involved in strenuous and stressful school activities as well as demanding syllabus so that the schools themselves may gain certain reputation, for their own sake, as schools which have the highest rate of graduation, for instance. To a certain extent, it is the aforementioned causes that put mounting stress on Vietnamese students nowadays.

It is suggested that some solutions should be taken seriously to tackle the problem properly. One significant measure is that parents should listen to their children and take their children’s opinions as well as dreams into consideration. Only by this way will parents be able to understand their children and support to enhance their talent effectively, without putting a strain on the children. Furthermore, schools should make more effort to create a student-centered studying environment in which students’ proper development must be the priority. To put it another way, students should be encouraged and supported to study as well as get involved in other outdoor activities so that they may not only enjoy their school time but also gain good academic results.

All in all, the over-expectation from parents and the overwhelming study scheme at schools are to blame for the significant problem of students’ stress. It is, therefore, suggested that both schools and parents must take  actions to cope with this problem effectively.

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